Wednesday 21 April 2010

Emily Butterworth (Green Party) response

A) one-way to two-way for cyclists

-- This is something very close to a Green's heart. Yes, provided that the roads are safe enough for two-way cycling, this would be a priority.

B) Ensuring the signage in the ward for London Cycle Network 3 is corrected. Currently most of it is pointing the wrong way.

-- Is it? That's absurd. Yes, absolutely.

C) 20mph speed limit

-- Yes. This is a measure which Greens in other London boroughs have successfully implemented (Islington has a 20mph speed limit on residential streets). I'd like to go further, and define 'residential' as any street where people live - especially important in our ward, dissected by major A-roads. This would also make the roads safer and more pleasant for walking and cycling.

D) Ensuring that local schools are funded to deliver cycle training so that all children get Level 2 (on-road) National Standard Cycle Training and the opportunity to take Level 3.

-- Yes.

E) Take a cycle training lesson with the borough's providers if you have not already done so.

-- Yes; particularly before I start using the Cycle Hire...