Saturday 17 April 2010

Reply from Mark Harrison - Lab Princes Ward

Dear Charlie

Just to confirm that I am generally very supportive of the ideas you are putting forward to make cycling easier in our area. The main issue will be finding the money to implement these ideas, though you are and Raj are doing a good job of challenging some of lazy speed reduction schemes and parking alterations officers are proposing – hopefully this will bear fruit.

I’m personally strongly supportive of making all Lambeth-controlled roads in the borough 20mph.

Like Steve, I got my cycling proficiency certificate when I was 11. I don’t personally cycle (I prefer to walk) but I’m supportive of those who do.

I won’t be able to attend the hustings in Herne Hill (campaigning in Prince’s ward has to take priority) but would be interested to hear anything coming from it.

Best wishes


Mark Harrison

Labour and Co-operative councillor for Prince's ward