Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Kate Hoey to sign CTC Vote Bike Manifesto

Kate Hoey (Lab, Current Vauxhall MP standing for re-election) has emailed me, saying that she'll sign up to the Vote Bike manifesto of CTC - the national cyclists' organisation - when her new office broadband is up and running.

Read the manifesto at


SE11 Lurker said...

Great news, but does it outweigh previous comments about cyclists being Lycra Louts?

Charlie Holland said...

I don't know the comment or the context. To suggest all cyclists are Lycra Louts would seem xenophobic towards the Dutch for example as they all seem to cycle.

There are louts on bicycles. I suspect they're the same people who blast their horns at anything that displeases them when driving.

I would like to see police action taken against intimidatory road behaviour, by whichever type of road user.

I suspect that having a 30mph limit here has in large part resulted in a generation of cyclists who cycle fast in an attempt not to be blasted by motorists racing to the next traffic jam. If London had changed to 30kph (18mph) on many roads, as on much of the continent, I feel sure that the roads would used in a mellower way by both drivers and cyclists - and that the perecentage of children, pensioners etc. cycling would be similar to the large number you see in the Netherlands.