Friday, 23 July 2010

Licked on Westminster Bridge? Maybe not yet.

Transport for London wrote to me on the 16th saying 'In light of your comments regarding this location, we will continue to monitor this area to ensure maximum levels of compliance.'
I was entertained by the use of the word 'continue'.

However, yesterday, just after I spotted the usual pair of vans trading on Westminster Bridge's red route, cycle lane and bus lane, a traffic warden arrived, issued a ticket and asked the driver to move on.

Nope, they decided, too much money to be made breaking the law.

So the Traffic Warden called the police to this high security zone and a mere 15 minutes later a fit Constable arrives, having run all the way from Trafalgar Square. The drivers see him walking towards them and drive off. Then a police car arrives.

I suspect the culprits won't get away with it for long.