Monday, 13 September 2010

Cars allowed on More London

More London are one of the river bank land-owners that like to employ people to harass people on bikes enjoying a leisurely pootle along the river. The sensible option would be employing people to deal with people causing an affray.

However More London seem much more permissive of people driving cars on their property; this shot was taken while the Thames Festival was in full flow! Sensibly they'd provided pedestrians with Hi-Vis to make them look like the Community Payback culprits that some car drivers deem them to be.

More London, proud to be creating more motorists to clog central London and pollute the air.

Not only do they want to teach motoring and ban cycling on their land, they also try to deter cyclists who might want to arrive, park their bike and walk. Hidden behind the Mayor's Orifice are a handful of Sheffield Stands, all in use as were all the lamposts: