Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Half hearted green measures

The polite person organising Prince Charles's green 'Start' event outside Clarence House asked me not to publish his response to my earlier post. I'll just quote one line:
We know it was inconvenient for cyclists but there really was not another solution.

No reason for not taking over one of the four Mall lanes as a temporary two-way segregated cycle lane; no mention of trying to get shared use on the pavement; no mention of trying to put up signage. So I raised these points and got a reply from another person saying:

Advance warning signs were issued over two weeks before the road and path were closed and were placed at regular intervals along appropriate roads and paths (including the cycle path that was closed).

As I'm a frequent but not a regular user of the path I can't comment on the preceeding fortnight. But I've asked for clarification of where a sign is in the photo I took above showing the cycle path entrance which led to the barricaded section - no reply yet.

The last reply I had ended with
Thank you for sending through your feedback and we will consider what we can do to better inform cyclists for any future events we may do.

Nothing about how to avoid the level of inconvenience. I think these organisers of a 'green' event really believe that people want to cycle on the road with stinking, speeding taxis - despite all the evidence to the contrary.