Thursday, 30 September 2010

Reducing the number of lorries in Kennington

It is, of course, more pleasant to walk and cycle without being pressured by motor traffic. Yet many people believe there is no alternative to large numbers of fast moving vehicles delivering stuff.

The irony is that much of the stuff being driven around isn't actually needed. The photo is of the indoor cafe at the Imperial War Museum, one of the areas many tourist destinations. This isn't a take-away kind of cafe and there's plenty of seating. So there's no need to use once-only lifetime stuff (drive it in, use it once, bin it, drive it out).

Why are there stacks of one-use glasses rather than glass or reusable plastic ones?

Why are the serviettes displayed in a 'grab a handful' way, rather than in a single serviette dispenser? In fact, why not have washable napkins?

Why are there plastic knives, forks and spoons when there are metal ones just below?

Why ever would you have wooden drink stirrers when there are teaspoons just below?

Surely there must be reusable straws available?

These kind of establishments normally burble on about lack of space for proper crockery and dishwashers, yet have shed loads of bin space that could serve a more useful purpose. What they can't fit in their bins they arrange to have driven around on our streets to our discomfort.