Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Considerate behaviour promotion on Thames Path

It was good to see the police and Lambeth Council's transport team talking to cyclists and pedestrians on the Thames Path, and undertaking an informal survey. I was intrigued by the answers cyclists gave when asked why they chose the Thames Path over the adjoining A road. The majority talked about the risk of injury and general nastiness of the A road. The reply I particularly liked though was from a couple on a tandem who said cycling along the Thames Path was romantic. I completely agree with their view, and I can't imagine the same comment being made about the Lambeth and Westminster Bridge roundabouts and the A-roads.
The roller-bladers and their dog, above, typify the kind of hazardous space users that need to be considerate in their sharing of this lovely public space.
It was good to see some cycle parking installed by the cafe adjacent to Lambeth Bridge (though this photo is too poor to allow you to see it - it's where the cycle is.)