Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Searching Elephant for Toucans

Last July I checked with Transport for London that the works associated with the replacement of the southern roundabout and subway removal at Elephant & Castle would include installing Toucan Crossings (where pedestrians and cyclists can both cross a road, featuring a bicycle green light alongside the pedestrian one).

I wrote:
Like many local residents I am looking forward to improvements and being able to cycle easily to my local shopping centre.
Can you please confirm that the crossings will be Toucans given that the benefits you cite include, "New paved areas next to the junction to provide shared space for
pedestrians and cyclists". The text only refers to Pedestrian Crossings and the illustration seems to show Pelican crossings.

Here is the reply:
"I can confirm that the Toucan Crossings will be installed at the junction. This will allow inexperienced riders to exit the carriageway onto the shared use areas and use the crossing points to use the junction. "

I have written to ask when TfL plan to replace the Pelicans they've installed with the intended Toucans.

I really hope they haven't decided the vast expanses of pavement shouldn't be shared use.