Tuesday 1 November 2011

Day of the Dead and other rides for local pupils

Pupils from year 6 in local primaries and from local secondaries (esp yrs 7 - 9) are invited to join in the Pedal Power Rides at 3.45pm each Tuesday (Slow and Easy) and Wednesday (Further and Faster) at the Sports Pavilion by the pitches in Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park. I can't speak for the pupils but I'm really looking forward to this series of rides:

Wed 2nd November – All Soul’s Day / Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Visiting mummies, dodos and other dead curious things

Tue 8th November – Fire! Climbing the Monument to the Great Fire of London
Wed 9th November –City of London, stopping to pick up a solid gold bar

Tue 15th November – Along the river towards Battersea
Wed 16th November – Canary Wharf, taking a ferry across the Thames

Tue 22nd November – Covent Garden
Wed 23rd November – Hyde Park Winter Wonderland and Harrods

Tue 29th November – Tower Bridge and St Katherine’s Dock
Wed 30th November – Riding away to the circus in Hoxton

Tue 6th December – South Bank meander
Wed 7th December – Regent Street and Oxford Street Christmas Lights

Tue 13th December - To be determined
Wed 14th December – A marathon ride to the Olympic Site

It's always entertaining checking the route in preparation. Our 'Day of the Dead' ride tomorrow could have had that literal outcome without a pre-check. The return route from Montague Place behind the British Museum would normally feature a right turn onto Russell Square, following the 'No Right Turn except cyclists' sign above. The sign remains but the cycle facility it leads to has been removed during roadworks and you'd be cycling into oncoming traffic. We've rerouted for tomorrow's actual ride.
Update Camden Council have rapidly replied to my email re Montague Place:
I can confirm that the no right turn sign with except cycle plate at this location is correct. Unfortunately the associated road-marking has not been laid to compliment this and so there is potential for confusion.

Arrangements have been made for the markings to be laid tomorrow (Friday) to highlight where traffic is expected to be.