Friday 4 November 2011

Will our local Councillors join the collision hotspots ride?

We live within a couple of miles of seven of the top 10 collision hotspots for cyclists in London. Cyclists in the City and I bike London have arranged a ride to review them on Saturday 12th November, starting at 10.30am by St Mark's Church, where the Oval Farmers' Market is, opposite Oval tube station.

You'll see me there in a Hi-Viz top at the front of the ride, as I've agreed to lead it (gulp!). There'll be at least 100 cyclists on the ride and, given that over 2000 turned up on Blackfriars Bridge recently, I hope there'll be even more to keep us company so please come along if you can. The route takes us through some of the most multi-lane motor-centric junctions in London, many of which have no clear, cycle-friendly and convenient alternative.

Just over a week ago I emailed the three Lambeth Councillors in Princes Ward, which has part of the Vauxhall Gyratory within it, and the three in Bishops Ward, which has the Imax roundabout in it. I invited them to join the ride or to speak to cyclists at these points about the actions they're working on to improve them for cyclists.

A week isn't a long time in politics and none of the Councillors have yet been in touch.
There's still a week to go and I'm sure we'll get at least one local Labour and one local LibDem Councillor along (nudge, nudge).

If you'd like to invite a Lambeth Councillor along their contact details can be found here.