Thursday 16 December 2010

The cost of inconsiderate parking

Our local councillors blog celebrates the fact that Pratt Walk and Juxon Street will be resurfaced in March 2011.

These road works require quite a lot of planning and preparation, not least booking contractors and giving residents notice that they'll need to park elsewhere on the day. And, of course, putting up signs prohibiting parking in the places where it is normally permitted.

Funnily enough this all happened in these very same streets recently and, the other day, some resurfacing vehicles turned up to do the work. So why didn't they go ahead?

Rumour has it that they were unable to as the police had ignored the signage and taken the opportunity of lots of suddenly clear space to park their fleet of riot vans there.
Should the rumour be true I certainly hope the council will be billing the police for the cost of rescheduling the work.

I can't help but wonder whether the resurfacing contractors should have kettled the riot vans.