Tuesday 14 December 2010

Kate Hoey's "Excellent Cycling Route"

At 9.48am today the Thames Path by St Thomas' Hospital wasn't busy (above). Plenty of room to pootle along on a bike except that our local policitians, such as MP Kate Hoey, and organisations such as the hospital, have clubbed together in advance of the publication of the South Bank and Waterloo Cycling Strategy to ban cycling here.

At 10.17 the Thames Path wasn't busy either (below)

Not being allowed to cycle along here any more, I was obliged to take the route our MP, Kate Hoey, recommends  "There is of course an excellent cycling route on the main road along past Lambeth Palace and the hospital."

Thus it was that at 10.22 I was sat stationary, breathing in diesel particulates, in the bumper-to-exhaust motor traffic, stuck behind the bus that was stuck behind other traffic in the advisory cycle lane. Excellent? Pah.