Wednesday 22 December 2010

Maybe a happy new year on Lambeth Bridge?

Our local councillor's blog has news of essential maintenance works overnight on Lambeth Bridge between Christmas and New Year.

These essential works will not only give road users, especially cyclists, a smoother drive, but they will also help reduce carriageway noise and the need for disruptive maintenance closures, benefiting local residents and businesses.

The essential thing to do on Lambeth Bridge is widen the cycle lane from South to North London to a sensible width so that people on bikes aren't passed scarily close by lorries while twitching between red lines, white lines, kerb edge stones and expansion joints

It's simple enough to create the extra carriageway space for this, by removing the equally narrow cycle lane southbound and moving the bus lane across. The bus lane is preferable for cyclists to use here, not least because at the south end of the bridge buses and other traffic often turn left putting them in conflict with cyclists going straight ahead.
I've got my fingers crossed that they'll not only do this but also sort out the deadly approach I've mentioned before