Friday 24 December 2010

Email TfL now about Lambeth Bridge

There's a narrow window of opportunity to get TfL to improve the cycle lane going northbound on Lambeth Bridge while resurfacing it, so please email them now: to let them know that it would be a shocking waste of money to resurface and repaint the bridge without improving the northbound cycle lane which in its current width is horrendous to use and dangerous. My view on what needs to be done are here.

It seems the imminent works may be briefly postponed, going by the following reply I've received to my email to TfL asking whether they plan to improve the cycle lane while doing essential works between now and the new year:

As a result of the cold weather and having looked at the weather forecast, we are currently carrying out a review on what works can realistically be undertaken between Christmas and New Year.

It now appears the predicted temperatures will be too low for us to carry out the resurfacing works on Lambeth Bridge as planned. We will re-programme this work for when the weather has improved, and we will include the replacement of the failed expansion joints within a re-scoped scheme instruction.

We now have a little time in which an assessment of the possibility of a slight widening of the northbound cycle lane can be carried out. We are not currently able to give a date, but if it proves to be possible, we will adjust the width of the cycle lane as part of the resurfacing works.