Sunday, 3 October 2010

B&Q and Halfords committed to indifference

"In 2007, B&Q committed to becoming a one-planet business.

At B&Q we're committed to making a difference.

We're proud to say that being the biggest and most successful home improvement retailer in the UK doesn't mean we have to compromise on our ethical and environmental standards."

B&Q is the DIY bodger's second-home so it's no surprise that their provision of cycle parking outside their Old Kent Road branch is a right old bodge. They provide no cycle parking so cyclists have to compromise by attaching their bikes to the racks that people bounce their trolleys in and out of.

Needless to say this one-planet lurving company has spent loads of money on carefully marked out car parking spaces.

It may be that B&Q expect people on bikes to use the cycle parking several hundred feet away that their neighbour's, Halfords, provide their customers. What B&Q is to home bodgers, Halfords is to car and bike bodgers. So it's no surprise that their cycle parking is so close to their wall as to render it unusable.

The Halfords' employee I asked knew it was unusable. He explained that the cycle parking had to be moved too close to the wall because the pavement had to be narrowed to install disabled car parking bays.
That's quite an achievement, disabling one lot of parking to enable another lot of disabled parking.