Sunday, 17 October 2010

Parking review in Westminster

Tufton Street, by Westminster Magistrates Court, always has a selection of Serco vans (presumably used to transport criminals who have not paid their parking fines) parked on the yellow line when I pass. The warden I spoke to told me he couldn't give them tickets.

Latert this month there'll be the chance to comment on the future of parking in congested Westminster via a questionnaire.

I wonder whether it'll feature cycle parking?

I'm also interested to find out whether the 'need' for parking is one of the reasons for so many wide streets being one-way, rather than two-way at least for cyclists.

Also, certain streets in Westminster could usefully be made largely motor-vehicle free save deliveries at specified times of day (bits of Soho for example) - another aspect of parking review.

Residents, businesses and visitors in Westminster are being asked to help shape
the future of parking policy by taking part in a wide-ranging review.

As part of the review, the borough's most comprehensive in a decade, Westminster
City Council will be holding a borough-wide consultation exercise to determine
how parking in the city can best be managed to benefit residents, businesses and

Given the challenges the city will face in two years time as an Olympic
destination, now is an appropriate time to consider how the council can improve
its approach to parking. The review will also feed into our Local Development
Framework (LDF), which will contain the planning development and transport
policies for Westminster for the next 15-20 years.

Westminster needs an approach to parking which balances the needs of our
residents with those of our visitors, and supports commerce whilst keeping
traffic moving. The consultation will seek to gauge opinion on a number of
parking issues including:

•residents' parking;
•visitors' parking;
•servicing and deliveries;
•the council's car club;
•car and permit free developments;
•electric vehicles;
•shared-use parking spaces;
•loading and waiting restrictions; and
•travelling and parking in the West End.
The consultation will begin in October 2010, when later this month a
questionnaire will be available to download online from this website.