Thursday, 14 October 2010

We've been set up

Pedal Power Kennington was recently offered a few old bikes, and some bits, by the office on a Lambeth estate if we could arrange a van and we said, "yes please"!

Jake, our contact, went to sort out the bits with the caretaker. He assembled the items he had in mind, then the caretaker said to him, "Don't you want the ones in that garage too?". Jake knew nothing about some bikes in a the door was opened....and the garage was piled high with bikes!

So we're set up for a while with bikes for local primary and secondary school children who don't have one. We have a secret store packed with 3 piles of bikes (goodish condition, strip for parts, maybe worth fixing or maybe parts) - from a quick appraisal we hope to be able to give about 50 out to local primary and secondary school children over the rest of term (probably after some have been loaned to people wishing to join our ride to Arsenal on the 28th October!).

Volunteers to help out are welcome - email

Thank you Jake (and Sally, and Caroline, and the caretaker!)

(For security reasons the photo is of somewhere completely different - I believe this is the total secure cycle parking space for staff at Guy's Hospital!)