Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Tool thiefs

It is the nature of community workshops for young people that someone undertakes an action they later regret. The next day, upon reflection, they realise the impact that this has on their friends in the community and apologies are given and amends made.

Monday night's workshop saw a number of tools disappear from the Pedal Power Kennington project, and today saw a young man contritely apologising for his behaviour with a promise to return the tools that he had taken. We're pleased to have him back as a member of the Pedal Power Kennington Community.

Earlier today, by coincidence, a different chancer tried to make off with some tools I had left lying half-in and half-out of a bag to one side of a playground. I was distracted, teaching primary school children, but they alerted me to the presence of the thief. I gave chase and luckily managed to stop the culprit making off with the shiny gadgets he was after.