Saturday 6 November 2010

Shaping culture in Lambeth

(Photo of Bicycle Ballet at the National Theatre 2007)

Lambeth Council is inviting people to get involved in shaping culture in Lambeth. They seek views on a discussion document towards a cultural strategy.

The vision articulated in the discussion document is:
Activate the Body and Cultivate the Mind to Create Wellbeing

I received an email today from a reader whose job seems to epitomise that vision. He's also an expert on the alternative cycle route that Kate Hoey extols, while his voluntary work seems totally in line with the ambitions of our cooperative council :
I am a voluntary ranger on the Southwark section of National Cycle Network  Route 4 (which is better than the Lambeth section but still has problems) and I would challenge this MP's assertion that the route is 'excellent'. I run a commercial bike tour company and always take my tours along the Thames Path from Lambeth Bridge to the Globe as opposed to the parallel route of NCR4. I love Sustran's work and parts of NCR 4 are great....but not this bit! I always dismount where appropriate and cycle considerately and feel the way forward is not to start putting up signs banning cycling
The draft South Bank and Waterloo Cycle Strategy had nothing to say about the major roads and roundabouts that form part of NCR 4 - a significant omission that Lambeth Cyclists highlighted in their response.

I hope that when the final strategy is published it includes clear proposals on how to continue to develop National Cycle Route 4 in the South Bank area.