Saturday 6 November 2010

The Thames Path - an excellent alternative

In a letter that Kate Hoey sent to a constituent in defence of her proposals to install No Cycling signs on the Thames Path she states, "There is of course an excellent cycling route on the main road along past Lambeth Palace and the hospital." 

Ms Hoey is referring to no less a source of civic pride than National Cycling Network route 4 that runs all the way from the western tip of Wales to Greenwich.

Taking the glowing testimonial from the local MP and the national status, parents would surely have no hesitation about letting their teenage daughter venture out, unfettered by parental presence, to use it in preference to the Thames Path.

I've emailed a few local parents to ask if they'll send their children out to considerately cycle the National Cycle Network from Black Prince Road to Gabriel's Wharf, returning via the Thames Path, to get their comments on each. (I'll also be intrigued to see what recommendations about this route are in the finalised South Bank and Waterloo Cycling Strategy.).

If you have teenage children then I'd ask you to consider asking them to ride these parallel routes, dismounting where they feel it is appropriate for their safety or the safety of  others, and report back via the Comments page.

They can follow the NCN 4 signs but if in doubt, the route goes along the Albert Embankment, over the roundabout at Lambeth Bridge, along Lambeth Palace Road, past Westminster Bridge to Belvedere Road and along to finish on Upper Ground by Gabriels Wharf.

I'll report back on progress from those I've asked. In the meantime here are some pictures I took yesterday mid-morning of the specific bit that the MP refers to.