Monday 24 January 2011

All 3 streets to be repaired

I recently nominated Kempsford Road, Wincott Street and Reedworth Street as most in need of resurfacing/repairing and I'm delighted that all three, plus Stannary Street, will be fixed next month weather permitting.

I'm waiting to hear back about making sure the road markings are painted in such a way as to need the minimum of change to allow two-way cycling on otherwise one-way streets. In the case of Wincott Street this would include leaving out the words 'No Entry' and the large arrow currently painted on the road. An alternative may be to use the paint used to show what works are needed that is worn and washed away after a few months.

Of course, in the ideal world the streets will be made two-way for cyclists at the same time as the resurfacing.