Tuesday 11 January 2011

The Thames Path in the morning rush

Above, no traffic jam at 8.07am.
Below, no traffic jam at 8.41am, or below at 8.49am.
Two of the photos show cyclists pootling along the Thames Path ignoring the No Cycling signs. The PCSOs I talked to weren't going to make the cyclists get off - they weren't a problem and, as it turns out, there's no law against cycling there so they can't actually make you get off or  issue a ticket unless, of course, you are cycling in a Wanton and Reckless manner.

It makes me wonder whether it's legal for the authorities to put up a sign saying 'No Cycling' when there's no bylaw or anything to that effect? Maybe we can all put up signs - I favour 'No Meddling with Considerate Thames Path Users - be they cyclists, pedestrians, joggers, Segway riders or Motorised Wheelchair users'.