Friday 14 January 2011

Lambeth Cyclists' Architecture Ride - Sat 22 Jan

Each month Lambeth Cyclists offer a free ride related to some aspect of architecture, and I'm leading this month's on Saturday 22nd January:
Roll up, roll up and ride on this celebration of two entertainment forms that have their genesis in Lambeth - Circus and Music Hall.

As our travelling show journeys through Lambeth, Hackney and the City of Westminster we'll reflect on the construction intricacies of the ephemeral venue, explore a Victorian dust destructor rejuvenated for circus, and browse the delights of Matchless Matcham's Empires, Hippodromes and Coliseums.

Your Ringmaster and Call Boy for the afternoon is Charlie Holland whose depth of knowledge of circus and music hall is balanced by a depth of ignorance about architecture.

The ride starts at 2pm (meet from 1.45pm) by the cycle parking outside St Thomas' Hospital entrance on Westminster Bridge Road, returning to almost the same spot at 5.30pm. We won't be going at a steaming pace but those planning on riding unicycles should select one with a big diameter wheel.