Tuesday 25 January 2011

Sports Action Zone deny cycling trend

There's no cycling parking at the Lilian Baylis Community Hub (old Lilian Baylis school) currently so users today were leaning their bikes against the fencing as usual.

But a planning application, featuring cycle parking, has now been made to expand the sports pitches from those below and the sports hall to include another two football pitches, running track and long jump. I'd expect to see over 100 people using the facilities at times.
How many cycle stands are planned?  Four. So that's the Sports Action Zone Director, Brian Dickens, sorted (if he's replaced the bike he had nicked), plus the other staff who cycle. The stands are located at the entrance by a wall that obsures the view of the stands from the pitches so they won't be popular with players anyway.

I'd expect to see cycle parking installed around the site for an absolute minimum of 30 bikes, and for the schools and Sports Action Zone to be working together to get pupils and other users cycling to the site.

Instead, I guess, school children will continue to be shipped, at huge expense to their health and the taxpayer, by coach - like the one there today, where the driver left the engine running, pumping out noxious fumes and increasing global warming while waiting for the match to end.