Sunday 30 January 2011

Vroom, Vroom Peer Group

When you respond to a planning application that response is available for others to view, presumably so it can inform their response or allow inaccuracies to be challenged.
I'm indebted to the SE1 blog's Twitter feed section for sharing a letter of objection to a planning permission application to extend the Boris Bikes docking station outside Southwark's Hop Exchange from the Managing Director of property company Peer Group.

In the letter the MD, Howard J Dawson (who may or may not be the same person as the J. H. Dawson on the letterhead's listing of company directors) claims "the cycle docking stations are an unsightly addition to the streetscape" that "The council is irresponsible in encouraging cyclists...." and finds it "regrettable that TfL does not spend its resources more usefully repairing the roads and footpaths and making adequate provision for cars which already pay excessively for the privilege of using the borough's roads"

Each to their own view, although why anyone would favour stuffing up Southwark's roads with more noisy, polluting, space wasting, unsightly cars that have the capacity to be far more damaging when used carelessly by their users than bicycles do is beyond me.

It is perhaps not surprising that a quick Google throws up a very strong association between the Peer Group and Britain's most prolific manufacturer of racing cars.